Let this book put to death the idea that you have to spend a lot of money to create romance or make your mate feel special. The truth of the matter is that romance is a state of mind. Being romantic doesn’t require a crying dime , a blue nickel or a screaming quarter. Please clear your mind of any reservations or holdbacks over romance and money. To be romantic without the bucks you are going to have to give more of yourself to your mate. Remember these are just ideas aimed at jump starting your own imagination and romantic ideas. We want to inspire you. Although you can use these ideas exactly how we lay them out, your personal touch will truly make the provided ideas romantic.


Throughout this book we will share with you over 300 ideas on how to create romance on a budget. From no money at all to a few hundred dollars, you will sit this book down with a mind full of romantic ideas. With barely any money coming out of your pocket and a super pleased mate, you can’t go wrong. At the end of each romantic idea there will be an estimated tally of each idea’s cost. The tally of these total expenses will help you to see just how BIG ROMANCE DOESN’T EQUAL BIG DOLLARS.


“Romance without finance is a nuisance”


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