February 8, 2017


By the New English Webster’s Dictionary’s definition, Romance is: “A love affair.” “A mysterious or fascinating quality of appeal as of something adventurous.” Those were the first two definitions they listed and then it went on to speak about mid-evil heros blaah blaah blaah blaah!
King Romances’ definition of ROMANCE : True romance is love in action form. Love being the feeling or thought and romance being the outward expression of those thoughts and feelings. An act of romance could be a simple word or phrase exchanged between you and your mate with intimacy. Romance is adventure and joy. Romance can be as simple as your surroundings or as complex as fighting off a California Bear in the Redwood Forest for your mate.
True romance is what I call “love in action” although it can also be expressed when there is no love at all. It can simply be used during courtship of a future mate. You know, when you’re trying to gain someone’s interest and win them over. You do little or even big romantic things to let the other person see your sweet side. On the other side of the romance without love playing field, are the ones that use romance as a tool. This tool is used with selfish intent. A person on this side of the field uses romance to subdue their mate and get something from them. This is usually “sex”. In the times that we now live in this has become so regular that both male and females are usually aware of the selfish romantic game being played and willing to play it.
By armand
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